Paris Spring 2010: Givenchy

I think this collection is one of Riccardo Tisci's best ones to date. I loved everything from the architectural jackets to the ruffled dresses, which are super wearable despite their high-glamour factor.

I am totally obsessed with this look. The graphic pattern is just ridiculously good, especially with all the optical illusions (which are not an easy thing to pull off!). Stripes are kind of a staple in my closet, and it's pretty obvious that I need a striped jacket like this one.

The "keepin' it casual with the deluxe pieces"-look makes an appearance here. The best way to wear a fabulous ruffled skirt is with an easy sweater. I will really try to incorporate this is in my life.

This dress is pure fluff and I love it. The sheer bodice with the ruffles around the neckline just kills me, especially when paired with a tank-top (for modesty purposes, of course).

Psychedelic-wood grain-freakout dress!

I loved this lime green color when he used it in his resort collection, and I love it now. It's just so good. The ruffles and cutouts in the bodice are actually subtle, which is kind of amazing if you think about it. The nude shoes are the genius icing on the cake.

Perfectly feminine white tiered ruffle/lace dress. It's a little awkward, yet totally sexy. Then you pair it with heavy platform black bandage heels and you totally take the girly edge off.


Anonymous said...

aghhh I'm finding it so hard to recover from the epic-ness of this collection, let alone resist the urge to swipe the optical illusion jacket off the model and scamper away victoriously. i kind of need it.

wool and misc said...

fuhhhhhhhhhh, this shiz is so good.

Isabel said...

This was SUCH a good collection. Frankly, I'm pretty awestruck by its beauty so not much more needs to be said.

Emily Cato said...

I love it! I think it's genius work, especially the first outfit, and the last!

M. said...

Givenchy is absolutely wonderful this season! As much as I hated geometry in school I am finding it quite esthetically pleasing in pattern. Also, the shoes are to die for. DIE.