Paris Spring 2010 II

1. A.F. Vandervorst:

A.F. Vandervorst took the lingerie trend to the extreme in their spring collection, but I'll be damned if it wasn't totally fantastic. They look beyond real life now, but individually I think they could be very versatile, and a really fun way to "shjoosh" (if you say it out-loud you'll know what I mean), up an otherwise normal outfit.

2. Comme des Garcons:

3. Bruno Pieters:

A whole collection of nude dresses!
The Pieters and I are SO on the same wavelength. He's totally been killing it these past two seasons.

4. Sharon Wauchob:
The little blck pieced-lace dress. It's cool but kinda dorky at the same time?

5. Loewe:
This is made up of possibly wrong things. The pants maybe need to be longer and the poker dealer hat is SO wrong, but there's an undeniable cool vibe running through it. It's all part of the new slouch!

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