Paris Spring 2010: Lanvin

Lanvin was SO-utterly-LAHN-VAHN for spring. After what I felt was a super mild collection for fall, Alber came back with all engines running and delivered a collection that was womanly, sexy and no-holds-barred glamorous. It is amazing that even when swathed in big ruffles and form fitting cocktail dresses, he always manages to make women look strong and in control.

Iris Strubegger in slicked-back hair and a black sheath with a sinister ruffle that frames her face. What a way to open a show.

A swooping orange ruffle. I have to admit that I think this is a little bit ridiculous, but I think that's why I'm so attracted to it. It's such a great color too!

Probably one of the best draped dresses I've ever seen. I love that even though it's been meticulously planned, the dress still feels like a big piece of fabric tied hastily around the body. Somehow it also looks like the fabric is being poured on her.
This is the kind of dress that transforms you after wearing it.

In case you were wondering, yes, Alber can make a garbage bag look good.
And can we talk about the totally amazing big 3/4 sleeve/leather glove combo? YESS.

Another dress made "on-the-run", but this time it's made out of a luxurious blanket (please believe this is definitely a compliment). The fringe on the sleeve is also the perfect decadent detail.

Have you guys ever seen Freja look this womanly????? She is the tomboy par excellence, and yet here she is all legs and motion. I love the idea of the sexy gown with the long balloon sleeve.
This is DEFINITELY a red carpet dress, I just hope to god that Blake Lively doesn't wear it.

The mix of textures in here is really great, and the composition is even better. It's just a little bustier worn over a short sleeve shift dress, but it breaks up the silhouette in such an interesting way. The obvious accessory to tie(heh heh) it all together is a giant pile of ribbons at the shoulder (which will be next on the DIY list, of course).

Sparkles everywhere in the most decadent "sweatsuit" ever created. As if that isn't next level enough, you add a sparkle jacket and then on top of THAT you layer on a million shiny chains around your neck and your wrists AND EVEN YOUR SHOES.
This is THE LOOK.



FFAF said...

The first dress is amazing, and I like the orange, perfectly draped one, but want it in black.

Anonymous said...

duuuuuuuuuuude, i COMPLETELY agree with you!! i also saw some of this amazing collection from Tavi's blog, but was still blown away by these pictures too. geebus, this guy is such a frigging genius. i totally love that last photo, the sparkles, the casual pose of the model, the accessories -dies- but i really love that orange ruffled one too, so elegant but like, BAM-IN-YOUR-FACE type of thing. does that make sense? XD

i think i would kill to at least TOUCH one piece of this gorgeous collection. mind you, i'd probably die from shock of being in its presence LOL

michelle said...

sparkly pants?
i'm game.

Karl Lagerfeld said...

Wonderful review! Alber did a rather smashing job, hm?

Miss you, my dear Laia!

KD said...

Orange ruffles = beauty incarnate.

Andrea S. said...

My favorite outfits were the green dress that Vlada was wearing and the last outfit Natasha Poly came out with!

The Man Who Knew Too Much said...

This time I did not like Lanvin as much as the previous one.

the style spotter said...

i liked lanvin a lot! the ruffled shoulders are fun :)


rosytoes said...

god, the SECOND i saw the dress freja was wearing i thought, "if blake lively tries to wear this, i will cry."

because she would fail, and a little piece inside of me would die.