Paris Spring 2010: Miu Miu

Oh my god you guys! Miuccia Prada has gone bananas at Miu Miu and delivered an amazing collection filled with critters!

Yes, critters! Cats and birds and flowers and naked people! It's tomboyish in a 90's sort of way, all flat front pants with no waistband and little button down shirts tucked in. I am dying over how much I want all of this ridiculousness.

Cropped jacket cat suit (haha!) worn with flower print button down and a black belt worn at the waist. Let me tell you, the belt situation is totally blowing my mind. It cuts up the body in such an interesting way when you pair it with something cropped and low slung trousers!

No matter what configuration she does, it's still good. Pairing the same print in different sizes is always such a cool idea.

Navy and black are supposed to be a fashion "don't" but it's definitely one of my favorite combinations.

These "sexy cutout vests" are kinda awkward and I think that's why they go so well with everything else. Cat pants with bird vests! I still can't believe this prints.

Keeping things ladylike by layering a little blouse under the cutout vest.

There were also some great nude pieces with crazy sequins on the front.
Still has that unmistakably Miu Miu nerdy vibe, but in a totally over-the-top way.

What is this shoulder situation? It's awesome, is what it is.

More navy and blue. These two patterns have such great movement between them! I love the tension they're creating with each other.

I want it all Miuccia, I want it all!!!!


Amanda said...

soo good. reminds me of this rabit print top i want from FC

michelle said...

meoow ;)
love it.

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KD said...

That last look is my favorite.

MultiKulti said...

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Anonymous said...

I saw the cat maryjanes on ebay!