Paris Spring 2010: Yohji Yamamoto

This season Yohji, delivered an insanely COOL collection that is exactly the girl I'd like to be but am really not cool enough to pull off. All black, chic clothes with just the right dash of androgyny and rock n' roll. Hell to the yes.

I love the subtly spiked shoulder in the sweater. It's really all the "oomph" that you need, especially when wearing little oxfords with scrunched down socks.

Shrunken peacoat turned into off-the-shoulder top? Yes.
I love that it looks like it might fall off her shoulders at any minutes, it's such beautiful tension.

The jacket is totally killer and it's the perfect companion to the pleated skirt that's almost too long. The proportions here are a bit off, but it's definitely why it's so good.

I love a white shirt-dress and this super long one is AWESOME! The little shorts bring it back to earth and make it F U N !

Matching white lace jacket and long dress worn with little sneakers. You really can't get any fresher than this.

With clothes like this, it's hard to imagine he'd go bankrupt anytime soon.
It'll all be ok.


KD said...

I LOVED this collection. It was a little safe but so insanely cool!

Mussyhead said...

This season AND last season were so great AND he looks great, why did he file for bankrupcy? Out of all the designers?!?