Videofashion WTF: Ungaro Spring 2010

I have to admit that I've been looking forward to Ungaro's debut under new management because I was certain it would be a total trainwreck. I was right. But instead of going through all the trouble of writing a "serious" review about how much it sucked, I had the brilliant(ha!) idea to do a video review.
And I did it.
So if you have 7 minutes to spare, feel free to enjoy. This also gives you a look as to what goes on in my brain when I look through all the collections (and I do). So it's a behind the scenes look into the nerdiest kid ever, aka me.
Also I think my cat makes a cameo at some point, and please excuse my shaky camera work... it's the first time I made a video!


NM said...

so funny and so true.

thanks for that laia :)

kelsey said...

"what's this? i don't know... some fucked up bloody tampon looking thing"


so great!

Sara said...

soooo funny!


Dat NEW NEW said...

the only thing dat made this collection not boring was u talking..
the collection is such a joke

Anonymous said...

Dear Laia I just discovered your blog and after spending half an hour on it (while I'm supposed to be working on an English essay) I am hooked. I love the video and the fact you are saying exactly what I'm thinking. And you're so right on the Balmain, I did like some pieces in their previous collections (although the £1000+ price tag somehow makes the clothes less appealing) but this collections Tarzan meets the Spartans meets cheap nightclub is just ridiculous.

X Noa Leijdesdorff

InnyVinny said...

If I see anyone walking around in LA with this traveshamockery on, I'm moving.

Ashley said...

I loved your commentary, quite hilarious and I pretty much agree with you on all.
Bring back Esteban for gods sake!!!


Marie El. said...

hi! i just discovered your blog as well. It´s original.. Could u do more of theses video reviews.. That´s some much needed harsh truth! :) so what´s your favorite show so far?

blukats said...

Fun way of doing a review!

Why do I feel like I just got a tour of Lindsay Lohan's closet?

Why does anyone think she has any ability to design fashion? And when does she have time for this seeing she seems to be out every night at clubs?

Maybe it's better not to know the answers.

There is a reason why designers put in the time either in school or studying for a long time under experienced designers. Perfect example of why that is a good idea.

CRHEE said...

hahaha. Too funny. More video posts!

Tavi said...

You already know that I love you but I LOVE YOU.
Tampon dress=genius
Also I would laugh so hard when you would just say "um, no" or "Halloween."

Anonymous said...

This was probably the most wonderful seven minutes of my day. SO SO SO hilarious and true...Lindsay can take her cheap looking hearts and tampon dresses and get the eff out of Ungaro NOW.
Please, please, PLEASE do this type of review more, it's brilliant.

Tavi said...

From NYT:

The day before the show, Ms. Lohan was staring at herself in a mirror in Ungaro’s grand offices on the Avenue Montaigne, a stone’s throw from the ateliers of Yves Saint Laurent, Givenchy and other famous French labels. She picked up a black and white scarf and tied it around her head, then replaced it with a black one, and then clumsily stuck a red sequin-covered heart to the side of her head while a team of designers watched her.

“This is just so cool,” Ms. Lohan said, turning her attention to a white minidress splattered with sequins. “It needs more rhinestones, just so it pops.” Off to the seamstress it went. Pointing to another white dress, she said: “I call it Michelle Pfeiffer in ‘Scarface.’ I was just in my office sketching for next season. I was here until, like, one o’clock last night.”

wah wah wahhhhh

Maddie said...

best thing i've seen all day. I feel the exact same way about this horrid collection!!

thanks laia!


brandon said...

The heart lapel was horrible; it was more offensive than anything since they totally ripped off a signature Vivienne Westwood jacket, as seen here: http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2ebscvr&s=5

Andrea S. said...

This made my day!
I enjoyed your commentary a lot and laughed hysterically when you called out the "bloody tampon dress" haha

laia. said...

thanks a lot guys! i was so nervous about posting this

Teresa said...

hahahahaha. too funny laia. this made my week. and ironically, i couldn't stop staring at these horrible things on my work computer today. some model even had an unhealed boob job scar showing. iiiick.

Cox said...

hahaha hillarious

A La Mode said...

Haha I loved this. Watching a review is quite refreshing. Feeling a wave of bitchy washing over me, and feeling a lot better about myself because of it.
Great review, awful collection.

michelle said...

love it :)
laia - 1, lohan - 0.

Kristen Masters said...

That was classic! My favourite- "nobody cares". Completely agreed, what a fuck up. WHO would invite Lindsey Lohan to design a collection with them? WHO??? And why. So not okay.

Anyway that post was epic and your blog is legendary!

Michelle said...

hahaha great and very funny! you're soooo right.


I can just imagine her in the atelier and saying "so, like I just got back from Vegas with my Mom and my sister, and we were like in this hot strip club and the strippers were wearing pasties so I was thinking..."
Yes, Ms Lohan, heart shaped pasties, I'll speak with the seamstress.

Archs must be dying inside.

Anonymous said...

hahah brilliant.
your blogs getting bookmarked!x

talkthatsmack said...

You are hilarious.

You should totally do more video commentaries.
: D

Anonymous said...

the collection sucks... however if some of the dresses were part of other collections people wouldnt have made such a fuss about them i think... i mean some are okay.....-ish! just like h&m

Elements of Style said...

this made my day
oh, the lindster...
I mean really though? empire wasted candy pink harem pants? on what planet is that a good idea?
also, this is sort of a random question, but it sounds like you maybe have a slight accent, which is so cool sounding, where is it from?

laia. said...

6:26pm anonymous: that's totally true, but that's not really a compliment.

Elements of Style: I grew up in Puerto Rico.

The Six Six Sick Girls said...

that's all.


Cristina said...

you are being totally disrespectful.
you also are exagerating... it is indeed not a good collection but your comments are just obnoxious

stef said...

hi laia,
i can't believe i didn't watch this until just now. i thought i would be put off by how much you obviously already know about fashion, but no, this was LOLARIOUS the whole way through. bless you.

FFAF said...



This is an excellent post. I heart.

PS. M & I really did want to see more of your cat. Next time?

doreenmon said...

this collection is a warning to designers NOT to collaborate with celebrities.
unless it's dr. georgia lee.
then it is okay.

more video blogs!