Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo

The new issue of Arena Homme + is dedicated to Ray Petri and the Buffalo movement. It is most, most excellent. Here are some of my favorite shots although I left the best ones in the magazine so that you would be surprised and delighted when you saw it in real life.

The issue has an alternate cover with Chuck Bass on it, but obvz this one is way more epic.
And a random thought, don't you think that Jack Negrit (the guy on the cover), looks a bit like Eddie Izzard? Is that a sacrilegious thought?

Totally killer editorial shot by Jamie Morgan* featuring assorted family members of the original Buffalo kids styled by Barry Kamen and Mitzi Lorenz. SO, SO epic.

*who I totally interviewed a few months ago. check it out at my POP blog!

Another awesome editorial shot in Williamsburg (Brooklyn). I've been round there a bunch, but I ain't ever seen such fine young gentlemen roaming around its parts.

I don't really know what's going on in this editorial AT ALL, but it's so totally bananas that I can't help but love it.

I'm totally OBSESSED with these two pictures. Well, the whole thing is brilliant really; "The Black Cowboys of New York". The name really does says it all.

#1 Must Have, for sure.


hard liquor; soft holes said...

i went to hudson/universal and i saw the chuck bass cover on the rack and i was like, DO YOU HAVE THE ONE WITH THE GOOD COVER? and made him go look for one for me. hahahaha.

SUCHHHH a good issue.

worn fashion journal said...

could totally pass on the Williamsburg boys, but LOVE the men in pink chicken dresses and New York cowboys. Stunning!