Spring 2010 Shoe Report

Epic post ahead!

We start out slow, but funky with beautiful polka-dotted sandals from Tabitha Simmons. I love all the different fabrics, and would surely pair them with wildly printed socks.

I know these totally have a current season Balenciaga vibe, but these Vionnet ribbon wrap sandals are just too fun (though I'm pretending they're not thong sandals-no thank you).

You've seen these Miu Miu before and I'm sure you'll see them again. Although my heart is lusting for the cat-printed mary janes, there is something really great about a redundant bejeweled bird applique on a bird print.

The Alexander Wang shoes that will be inevitably ripped off in the coming months. I'm not usually a fan of animal prints but this is just so well done. The "geometric patchwork" effect is totally from the future.

I was surprised to see that for spring, Dries Van Noten more or less re-did their awesome shoe from this fall. I loved that shoe from fall so I DEFINITELY don't have a problem with seeing it in all new prints. The colors in this one are so bright and the different textures are killer.

The perfect snakeskin pump by Alejandro Ingelmo.

Ok, it's pretty clear that I'm really digging the snakeskin lately. These Donna Karan nude mega platforms are so insane they're kinda grotesque, but I can just imagine them anchoring any outfit magnificently.
(I'm thinking perfect button-down shirt, chunky knits, slouchy ankle jeans and black socks)

The brogue meets ballet shoe pop art slingback by Manolo Blahnik.
I love the stark lines.

SAY WHAAAT? Raffia cap toe lace ups by Dries Van Noten! The curved heel is so insanely sexy.
Total must-have.

Oversized Studs.

I'm kinda obsessed with these Proenza Schouler peeps to be honest. The "surfboard wedge" is really speaking to a special place in my heart.
Perfect shot of neon yellow on woodgrain!

And speaking of woodgrain, these Donna Karan beige leather wedges are totally crazy! They have a weird 90's quasi sporty spice feeling that's really working for me.

Alexander Wang's double-layer zipper peel-away sandals are totally epic.
I hope he really does make a flat version of them (as seen on Courtney Love's feet).

These Derek Lam high-heeled oxfords with cutouts have a subtly killer color palette. I love the thick ankle-ribbon detail.

90's minimalist (orthopedic chic), Calvin Klein.

The Alexander McQueen lobster claw shoes are everywhere, and their epic-ness is well documented, but this ultra-high robot ballerina stripper pump is totally next level.
(Helmut Newton would've loved these).

Georgia O'Keeffe via Manolo Blahnik.

Cher Horowitz would own these Miu Miu mary-janes in ever single color combination.
(Amber would probably wear Balmain).

The most perfect brogues by Nicholas Kirkwood.


Kazuko said...

You chose the perfect, perfect spring models! I love the signature Dries van Noten curved heels. And what a nice surprise - the Kirkwood brogues!

Kazuko said...

Oh and apparently a flat version of the A. Wang will soon be available on Paris Texas Online. Check out this link:


Stephanie said...

The bejeweled bird Miu Miu's WILL BE MINE.. even if i have to spend my life savings on them.

nadarine said...

"robot ballerina stripper pump".
This is why I love you so. And those shoes, zomg.

Yin-lai said...

Epic indeed.

Tavi said...

HAAAA Amber in Balmain. TOTALLY.

Anonymous said...

I love Alexander McQueen robot shoes! <3

Jess said...

Amazing post! love those mcqueens. though the claw shoes were awesome, I loved the heel of the one you posted. So cool! and i want thoes kirkwoods too!

A La Mode said...

I love Wang and McQueen

KD said...

MIU MIUUUUUUUUU - particularly the first pair. I am also LOVING those McQueen shoes, actually far more than his lobster claws!

Keara said...

Are the Calvin Klein shoes vintage?

Rosé Magritte said...

The Hermes blue, ohmahgad. Can't be good for someone who's going through a INEEDMORECYANINMYLIFE stage right now.

And McQueen can do no wrong when it comes to shoes, honestly. God is probably going "fuck, I set his talent for creating things to wear on your feet too high. TOO. HIGH." *explode*

and that was the day the earth ended.

silvi said...

man i wouldn't wear some of these pairs not even if you'd pay me, not even indoors...the 4th pair is horrible and the yellow ones too. Most of them are horror to conclude.:)


silvi said...

Madonna is to blame for this outfit. She is the promoter of ugly old women in panties. I find it hideous!

laia. said...

Silvi: I know you meant that last comment for the Carine post, so I'll respond here. Carine is never and will probably never be an ugly old woman. Come on now.

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are out of this world. The robot pink shoes are soo decadent, i saw them and thought of Helmut immediately. But theKirlwood's are just what I've been searching for the past few weeks!!!

La madre q t pario

Anonymous said...

a-m-a-z-i-n-g...I'm stunned, where do you find all this?

xx Noa


THE E N T H U S I A S T said...

jesus christ.

you're really fucking up my austerity program, you know that right?


Great shots! Love the shoe concept...
Beautiful Blog!xx


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