Dear W:

I spent 5 dollars on your January issue solely because I wanted to have this editorial in the flesh for forever (not that there was anything else in the magazine, really). It is beautiful and captivating and reminds me of my favorite editorials in the 90s. The girls look beautiful and are styled perfectly, so please, please, tell me why you insist on sticking them in the well. I can barely see the model wearing the amazing nude Christopher Kane dress in the third spread!
Otherwise, killer job dudes, just KILLER.

<3 always


hard liquor; soft holes said...

i know. SO GOOD.

Anonymous said...

thank you for posting these!!!! absolutely love it all.

Mary said...

i got a free subscription in some sort of fluke and it came yesterday and oh my god that editorial was quite nice.

John said...

First of all, THANK YOU!

Second, did you scan them yourself??? I'm trying to do a panoramic thing for my personal pleasure. w7 and w8 don't overlap... :(

Taj said...

I <3<3<3 this sooooo much!!!!!
They look like there going to the best party EVER!!!!
(For some reason I love seeing the McQueen in a less serious way than it was presented(shrug))

Amy + Dianne said...

same i want to frame this issue


Tavi said...

AGH ok it's official i'm forking over the five stupid bucks.


Alex White Please Marry me.

KD said...

I want this in print so badly!!

Mary said...

this is pretty great - reminds me of the versace 90ies ad with the model lined up (and the prada and balenciaga(?) ad)

but i love the length, the slow graduation and the story told

Curiouser and Curiouser said...

this is amazing!! never saw it in print but gonna do my very best to find a copy anywhere now just to check it out! thanks for posting..great blog. xx