Misty water-colored memories: 2000

The nerd in me was itching for an insanely comprehensive recap of the decade.
And because I'm obviously crazy, I did it.
Here are the best moments of 2000.
Subsequent years forthcoming.


We start off the decade with a little whimsy and a bit of insanity via Comme des Garcons. I'm surprised at how sexy this look is, I don't think that word has been used to described any of the recent collections. I love the way her hair seems to meld into her fluffy bolero. And speaking of fluffy, we have one of Hussein Chalayan's iconic collections. I believe the red dress (or other versions of it), moved and "grew wings" with the help of a remote control, which a child was playing with at the show. He set the bar so high for himself right off the bat!
On the second row, we have pure sex appeal from Chloe, back when Stella McCartney was the designer. There's something about it being so glitzy that feels very 90s? Dolce & Gabbana's collection also seems like it's stuck there as well. This was EVERYWHERE, and it's so POPSTAR to do a diamond encrusted bra under a sheer buttondown, complete with tie and FEDORA (cue choreography involving a chair). Clements Ribeiro was totally one of my favorites back then, they always had the sweetest prints. I would wear this sheer polka dot ensemble EVERY DAY now.
Dries Van Noten was a lot more hippie back then, but his mix of florals is still totally killer. The decade started with Tom Ford at Gucci, and this slouchy snakeskin "sweatsuit" was kind of the definition of Louche. Carolyn Murphy in a sparkly nude dress cut down to there and dreads(??!!??) is too cool for school.
Junya Watanabe's show was totally brilliant; models walked down the runway in beautiful minimal pieces, outfitted themselves with waterproof coverings and then walked back UNDER THE RAIN. Would've loved to see that in real life. Also, white + grey + neon yellow = YES.
Narciso Rodriguez was also hanging on a bit to the pure minimalism of the 90's (although he IS a minimalist, so it's not like he had more places to go), but I still love a simple white shift with requisite asymmetrical bodice and sheer covering. Amber Valletta wearing THE Versace dress that was controversial for some reason when JLo wore it to some awards show (my, my, how things have changed; now this is probably what Blake Lively wears to buy tampons at Target or something). Yohji Yamamoto was, of course, making subtly beautiful clothes. I love the soft "feather" headband and ruffle at the bodice. So so delicate.
We finish the season with Prada, who showed a collection full of lipstick print skirts (oh jesus, what I wouldn't GIVE for one of these), and brought ostrich skin back to the limelight in a weird subversive conservative girl look ("I'm wearing a turtleneck but it's clingy and I'm not wearing a bra!" and "I'm wearing a proper cardigan and knee-length skirt but oh it's ostrich skin and I've seen to have forgotten how to do the buttons on the cardi. Heavens!").


And then fall comes and we get to hang out with a killer Balenciaga sweater, with an intarsia dog on it and some kind of shredded skirt layered over narrow brown trousers. This is not quite the Nicolas we know today, in terms of pursuing the future-NOW, but I think it has a general vibe about it that really fits in with where the label is today. Hussein Chalayan continued exploring volume, this time in a delicious print of chocolate brown and bright pink. Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton showed the coat to end all coats (a silhouette he revisits later on in the decade) marched with a beret and a lil' pocket square. Don't you think the whole thing just oozes a mysterious Parisian sex appeal, that is heightened by the way it's carelessly belted at the hips? The Shalom swagger helps too.
Gucci went to the Riviera in the perfect collarless coat accessorized with a scarf tied around the head and big sunglasses. If this didn't become the perfect jet-set look after this, it was just never going to happen. Not that there's any need to keep everything covered up, when you have to go at night you just throw on an impeccably cut suit with a ruffled shirt unbuttoned to the navel. The orange and brown combination popped up again, this time in Christian Lacroix's epic candy-striped boots.
Miu Miu's collection had a sweet 40's vibe that I totally became obsessed with. The suit dress is so. so good. And the little hat! The red and white swirly print was ripped off everywhere, but how could it not? It was insane. I feel like in the early 00's, there was a scene of designers WITH A MESSAGE and Miguel Adrover was definitely one of the bosses. His collection with re-purposed Louis Vuitton bags and Burberry trenchcoats caused QUITE the stir and ignited a debate about what designers do and originality (something that Imitation of Christ would really pick up on the following year).
Tristan Webber was one of the cool British dudes, and his perfectly tailored laser cutout shift wouldn't look out of place today (it also reminds me a but of Mark Fast's Spring 10 collection). We end this year in a highnote of course, with one of Olivier Theyskens' early visions. Leather clad, fabulously-dirty and OH SO EPIC, it's not hard to see why I fell so hard for him.


readysetfashion said...

nice job.
u made me realize how much i miss tom ford for gucci. looking back at his years with them i have a new appreciation for his vision. man, is he good.
definitely was NOT a fan of stella with chloe. hail, phoebe. can't wait til you get to that....

Tavi said...

I enjoyed this SO MUCH (especially the Blake Lively thing, serious laughing-out-loud. I am surprised that dress caused such a stir!)

I was looking at the new Prada book last night (you NEED it, Laia, NEED. It's so good and totally worth $100 or whatever it is. Totally.) and was soooo into the lipstick print collection! The ad campaign for it was the BEST, I mean so totally next level.
"I'm wearing a proper cardigan and knee-length skirt but oh it's ostrich skin and I've seen to have forgotten how to do the buttons on the cardi. Heavens!" Haha OH DEAR, LOOK HOW THAT HAPPENED.

Amanda said...

loved this year for fashion..i want to do it all over again (and this time not dressed as a "junglist" bwhahaha)