Misty water-colored memories: 2002


We start 2002 with Stella McCartney because she definitely gets the award for most improved. (Seriously, check out the Style.com review of her debut namesake collection and you'll see what I'm talking about). With this collection she established one of her signature pieces, the perfect chunky sweater. Seriously, look at this and tell me you wouldn't live in it come these dreary winter days, especially when paired with light as air skirts and super skinny trousers. Miguel Adrover produced another amazing collection inspired by the Middle East, full of long dresses with beautiful prints, the best one painted with a scene straight out of A Far Off Place.
At Yves Saint Laurent, Tom Ford continued his bohemian inspiration, this time turned darker, sexier and more Parisian full of lace and cutouts. At Prada, Miuccia combined sexy with practical and gave us amazing clear raincoats piped in bright contrasting colors and layered over demure but fitted 50's influenced ensembles. The cargo pant became fashionable thanks to Balenciaga, where Nicolas Ghesquiere paired them with clingy, sparkly deconstructed tops. It was the perfect combination of masculin/feminin.
Who else could make bizarre-romantic jacket-dresses other than Olivier Theyskens? This was one of his most avant-garde collections, I think, and it was oh so wonderful! I'm a sucker for pairing neons and neutrals, and I mean, sometimes getting into a shirt is too much trouble and getting behind a shirt is much easier. Alexander McQueen continued his reign of awesomeness with beautiful nude ruffles anchored by leather harnesses. Marc Jacobs hit up the patchwork scene at Louis Vuitton, and although this look is totally way to hippie for me, there is something secretly cool and careless about it that I totally love. Plus, a suede/leather long tulip scalloped skirt is TOO CRAZY.
Julien Macdonald did his official ready to wear debut at Givenchy with voluminous ivory looks. I love the unbuttoned shirt with extra-large collar paired with the sweeping layered skier. It's totally easy, breezy, beautiful. I always remember seeing a lot of Eley Kishimoto's awesome prints like this one in magazines like NYLON and the short-lived American version of Jalouse (oh it exists, and it is wonderful! maybz I'll take some pictures for you dudes when I go home to PR in a week). One can't help but love Hamish Morrow's ink dipped looks. If only walking through the snow in the city created such beautiful results.
Tom Ford created one of the most perfect white dresses for Gucci (and I think someone wore it at a Miss Universe pageant which was kinda crazy!). I love an empire waist like you wouldn't believe, and this one was made more special because the way the ribbon wrapped around the body made it seem like it really was holding the rest of the dress up. Imitation of Christ pulled the ole' switcheroo this season, sitting down all the models and sending out the editors to fend for themselves for the runway. Carmen Dell'Orefice is giving the most EPIC staredown ever in the history of the world.


Fall was apparently really lame because I only picked out 3 looks? BANANAS. Anyways, Balenciaga scored another classic, this time with the crazy-mishmash-mop-sweater-vest. White and cream, totally crazy and slightly futuristic in that after-armageddon kinda way. Hamish Morrow hit up the primary color scene with a slightly sports-inspired collection and at Marc by Marc Jacobs, there was a weirdo 70s pilgrim look. I fell in love with this patchwork denim jacket and my mom bought it for me during the winter sales at some mall in DC when she lived there for a year. I was insanely psyched. I still have it in my closet of course, it doesn't come out often, but when it does it always makes me feel rad.


Kaylene said...

Your blog posts have got to be the only ones i actually bother to read these days. I love when you go through the archives!!!


uau, this is great idea for a post doubtless!
thanks for the infos and the reviews..it was such an interesting time travel!

KD said...

Wow! Thorough! I LOVE these posts and your blog. Keep up the awesomeness! :-D

Taj said...

I <3<3<3 the ruffly dress/leather harness combo from A. McQueen!!!that's so awesome!

I really like idea that they had at Imitation Of Christ, but how did it work???