Misty water-colored memories: 2005


2005 was a CRAZY year, first of all Rick Owens sent color down the runway, and not "maroon" or "greenish grey" like you'd expect, but peach! pink! yellow! I can only imagine the collective gasp in the room when this little number came out. I have to be honest though, I think his silhouettes work infinitely better in his usual goth colors. Ann Demeulemeester also added some orange to her usual dark palette but thankfully, the results were not Easter-appropriate. The shade of orange she used reminds me of the robes that Buddhist monks wear, and when you mix in the draped and tied details in the clothes, the long disheveled hair and the lace-up boots, the whole thing becomes some kind of holy warrior woman on a quest. How could I not absolutely love it? Olivier Theyskens re-did the siren gown, this time in beautiful blue silk. If I was a celebrity, I would've worn variations of this dress to EVERY EVENT.
For his fourth collection at the house, Francisco Costa brought some color into Calvin Klein's world too, with this beautiful long pieced silk dress in the most perfect shade of teal. Perfect for that dinner at the "fancy restaurant" after spending a day laying around lazily at the beach when you're on vacation. Prada had the best clashing geometric prints, especially the pattern on the skirt which is totally LEGENDARY (and no, I'm not exaggerating). Peter Jensen sent out clashing polka dots ON ICE.
This season was one of my favorite Louis Vuitton collections ever. Perfect 40's-inspired dresses in deliciously rich colors, and the bestest pair of white cage-pumps to have stepped on a runway (you can kinda see them in the picture). Proenza Schouler felt the berry colors too, with an amazing tropical collection. This is another one of those dresses that doesn't seem practical for real life, but if you'd have the chance to get it you would because you tell yourself that YOU'LL FIND A PLACE TO WEAR IT.
Pleating was also a big trend and with Yohji Yamamoto paying homage to Madame Gres with intricate, architectural dresses while at Lanvin, Alber Elbaz turned it subtle in a woodsy shade of brown. We finish the season with what was probably one of the most anticipated shows, Stefano Pilati's debut at Yves Saint Laurent. The collection was seductive and oh-so womanly and brought back the chunky waist belt back to the mass consciousness. I loved the polka-dots the best.


And while we're talking about Pilati at Yves Saint Laurent, how about this awesome dress with a heart cutout at the chest? I love that the actual dress is sort of monastical, with its high neck, thin long sleeves and knee length. It's serious and charming, which is an odd combination for something to be. Comme des Garcons went white for brides. Balenciaga did the perfect minimalist architectural gown.
Yohji Yamamoto went ultra-girly with an explosion of pink bows, but if there was an award for "Teen Vogue dress of the decade", I'm certain this rose print babydoll by Marc by Marc Jacobs would take it. I wanted this dress so bad, I was going to wear it with black tights and Docs of course... you know, the same way I'd wear it today? Haha. We end the year with Olivier Theyskens' beautiful Edwardian collection. The combination of the sort of aquamarine blouse and hunter green ruffle-edged skirt is captivating. I love the beautiful draping around the bust, the whole thing is sublime.


Mary Standish said...

Oh my goodness, all the Gemma Ward images- from Marc Jacobs to Balenciaga to Michael Kors, and the Karen Elson Marc Jacobs!! and Luca in that YSL heart getup...gosh I loved those seasons!! It was mostly 2005, yeah? That was the time to be in fashion...gosh I wish things would go back to that.

Let it be Spring!!

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Jesspgh said...

Still want that stupid Teen Vogue dress and I am going to be 30 this year.