Straight from the horses mouth

From an old sketchbook, dated February 20, 2004. My favorite spring ad campaigns!
Here's what I wrote about each one.


Takes inspiration from other collections (Chanel). it looks disheveled, mysterious, old-timey. I love the make-up and the entire setup. Youthful. i think it's very me.

Miu Miu:
i Love that they always use youthful almost-androgynous models for their campaigns. It also feels very young, scrambled put together. Like 2 girls playing dressup on vacation. The placement of the two girls together doesn't seem sexual so I don't mind it. I also adore those stacked heel spectator slingbacks and i really want them.

Dolce & Gabbana:
i absolutely adore this ad campaign. i think it is my favorite one this season. I love the colors, the prints and just absolutely everything about it. It's very serene and evocative of a simpler time or something. I also really like the way they put the type at the bottom of the page and they cut the bottom half. I also love that they didn't take a sexual approach to it at all. Just some girls standing in an amazing autumn field wearing beautiful clothes. Sigh... this is awesome."

I think that was the semester I took gender studies hahaha.
Who else blogs for themselves on paper? DEAR GOD.


corrie said...

this is totally what i used to do in study hall with issues of nylon (in 2000/2001 when it was good). awesome.

jasmine said...

Haha! That's adorable :) I really like the D&G ad, by the way.

awesome andrea said...


laia. said...

hahah andrea!