Sunday Jam: What I know

Muse : Muscle Museum

I'm watching Muse perform on SNL right now and can't believe what I'm hearing.WTF is this futuristic-operatic-disco thing? This is what I remember them like, but I guess that was 10 years ago? I was really into this song at the time (thank you 120 minutes!), but I hadn't kept in touch with what the band was doing since then.
Also this video is kinda creepy in a Black Hole Sun-kinda way.


Anonymous said...

i'm seeing muse live in september.
its going to be great.
and i agree muse have changed alot from the super massive black whole days all those years ago

michelle said...

great song, I love Muse (: I'm even going to see them next year!

Freda said...

i was watching snl thinking the same thing: this isn't so bad.
brought back so many memories

Kazuko said...

think i saw muse live 8 or 9 times - but that was when they released their first and their second album. i was such a big fan and their new stuff is so disappointing