The end of 2009 Year of Positivity

HELLO 2010!
I greet thee with GLEEE!
Although 2009 had some pretty great moments, it was also a total shitshow. GOOD RIDDANCE!

The highlight of the year was the trip to London for sure. It was so unexpected and then there we all were hanging out and casting models and having slumber parties like it was no big deal.

At the POP offices hard at work.

I got to try on this crazy Manish Arora cape/top malarky.

For dinner on the third night Elizabeth and I decided to throw caution into the wind and share three desserts instead. They were heavenly.

Then after London we all got together again and hit up the fash week scene. So so much fun. And other than getting to see some choice shows, one of the absolute highlights was Courtney Love at the Wang afterparty. And she sang one of my favorite Hole songs, Northern Star!

Last night I said goodbye to the year and I decided to throw caution to the wind and go in not-pants!

I got these in like 2000, they came with a wrap dress in the same fabric. Unfortunately the dress has disappeared, although every time I go back home I'm determined that I will find it. I was at my friends' house though, so I didn't really feel like I was wearing them out in "the real world" hahaha. We'll see. That is definitely not a good picture of me, but you know what? there are no good pictures of me because I was too busy runnin' around dancin' and drinkin' and rappin' the Kanye West bit in American Boy. It took me all year to learn it, but I did it! hahaha.
Edit: I found a better picture of the not-pants situation. This is full-on party mode Laia.

My friend Rose was my favorite-dressed of the night, though. Her hair was curled in the perfect flapper way, and the sparkly dress with gold & black Prada shoes is classic and unexpected.

Happy New Year guys!
We'll all be makin it happen in 2010!


Amanda said...

hopefully i'll see you at some shows next fash week. love the "not shorts" lol. those knit hot shorts i got from uniqlo are basicaly not shorts AND i've worn them in the real world.

Marta Represa said...

Amazing pics, love them! Looks like you had lots of fun in London.
Happy new year!


Michelle said...

happy new year! :) great photos!

Tavi said...


Anonymous said...

looks so fun!!

Shopper said...

What is better that POP party? I think that nothing.

Great photos.

Happy 2010!

Jen said...

Amazing, I love it all (especially the Pocket cameo!)!

Viva la 2010!

Secret Diary said...

omg, rad party-mode shot. courtney love looks a bit bionic in that shot. you were so close!!