Funny girls lookin' FLY

Love the length on Tina's Zac Posen gown. Amy's dress kinda matches the carpet, but she looked awesome onstage with that dude from Chuck who is TOTALLY growing on me.

Stay cool my babies*!

*Obvz, Team Conan


jasmine said...

Ha, I dislike that length but oh my, that dress is lovely on Ms. Fey.

hard liquor; soft holes said...


god, i want to be inside a gob and amy poehler sandwich.

fashion westie said...

Saw a bit on ET with that Kojo(?) thing rating it as THE WORST DRESS of the GG's?

I'm thinking? "You blind?"

Maybe all that plastic in his cheeks causes eyesight issues?

Maybe he has no taste?

Alani Catleya said...

I dont watch the award shows,
but I lovelovelove all of the outfits people wear to them!
This dress is like...
Chocolate for your eyes.

Shameless self-promotion:


emily said...

I love Tina Fey. She's so pretty and funny! DUDE, TEAM CONAN 4EVAAHHH I just made a post about that! DID YOU SEE KIMMEL ROAST LENO OMG I CRINGED IRL

Emilie said...

I do not watch Chuck. However, 'GOB' on Arrested Development? Yes. He looks pretty sharp here actually.

tim said...

they both look gorgeous, love the red dress