Girl Power!

You guys know by now that I love the nineties (1997 is my favorite year if you want to get real specific about it). My favorite thing about the 90's is the music, especially all the awesome bands with chicks that played instruments. Marisa Meltzer's Girl Power : The Nineties Revolution in Music chronicles the whole thing, from riotgrrrl to teenpop sensations. She connects all these wildly different women and really tells the story about the evolution of girl power from an alternative underground battle cry to a mainstream accessory sold at Claire's (not ragging on Claire's of course, that's where I got all my barrettes, duh). Reading the book made me feel like I was 13 again and discovering all these awesome bands (mostly through 120 minutes on MTV and actually BUYING cd's just because I'd read good things about them, but I digress). I used to play guitar quite a bit when I was younger and I'd decided that a good resolution for 2010 was to start playing again. And so the first thing I did when I finished reading the book was pick up my guitar.

This is Stella, my guitar.
UNFORTUNATELY, Stella has been going through some TOUGH times and somehow only has one string left? I'm SO ashamed about this! A weekend trip to Guitar Center is in the works this weekend to pick up some new strings. My whole family (gramma, aunts & uncles & mom) got me this guitar for my 13th birthday. We all went to the guitar store together and then I think we went to eat at Applebees. It was rad and I slept with it the first night.

You may notice that Stella is glittery. I'm pleased to inform that I did that with glitter nail polish.

In college, I played bass in a band (I think we played two shows).
I named my bass Juergen (dear god!!!).
I am putting up a picture because I don't want him to get jealous.

My guitar was unplayable so I played bass for a bit and tried to learn the basslines to some Hole songs (the first thing I did when I got my guitar was learn how to play Live Through This from beginning to end). Luckily my dude's guitar was only missing ONE string (what kind of show are we running here?), so then I played a little bit with his (random sidenote, we actually have the same guitar, purchased when we were young and didn't know each other!).

Anyways, 2010 is the year of makin' it happen.
I'm going to make this happen again. You should make some awesomeness happen in your life and pick up Girl Power! You will love it, and it will probably inspire to revolution girl style now.

Sorry for the Photobooth pics, it was just easier that way.


AFitz said...

Stella is what I named my ringette stick! Josie is my guitar (from, er, Josie and the Pussycats).

Lets start a girl revolution. I started a blog post comparing independent style bloggers to zine culture and i just waaaant to be part of a movement so bad :(

Isabel said...

Still haven't got my copy in the mail yet, but I'm SO looking forward to it. :)

Damsels said...

juergen is a cute name, cant say i payed attention to music in the nineties .. iwas like 5 or 7 around this time . but its always good to go back and discover the music now that i can aprpeciate it

Tavi said...

ANNA, I want to be part of a movement too! Let's start oneeeee

I need a name for my guitar

I sometimes nap with it! But on accident because I fall asleep.


KD said...

Nail polish?!? That is INTENSE. Argghh I really want that book! And good luck with the music!

Michele said...

Photobooth shit yeah! I would looove to play the bass, but I guess I'm a bit too chicken!

Erin said...

OMG! i was born in 1997!

Cool blog, by the way.