ivory coasts at matchless, part deux

Oh hey, so my band played at Matchless in Greenpoint last night. It was a swell time. You should come check us out next time we play.

Since this is a "fashawn blog" and all, I guess I should say how this outfit is the culmination of all my current favorite things in my closet (with the notable absence of my MJ shoes). The crazy-ugly floral print angora sweater with SHOULDER SITUATION that I've been wearing at least twice a week, with some T Alexander Wang dress that I bought in a L so it would be at the perfect awkward length. I can never wear it by itself because it has what I like to call a "racer front". The Acne boots are pretty much the same as the Atacomas except flat, which is ridiculous and hilarious at the same time.

PS. How DRAMATIC is that second picture, eh? You'd think I was singing about high school boyfriends or something.


white lightning said...



so proud of this dopeness, i WILL BE THERE NEXT TIME


Kylie said...

Um hi perfect outfit!!
Rock it out gurl


Anonymous said...

You remind me so much of Stars! Not the band, but like, the ambience of the performance and... stuff.

What genre are you guys?

Anonymous said...

super cute ensemble.

loving the skirt length, the floral print & the shoulder situation.

god, how I wish I was in NY so I could come & hear you guys play!

pretty please put something on youtube STAT.

Isabel said...

I want to hear you sing!

laia. said...

aww thanks dudes!

steph: we are like uh... weird dancy minimal tribal jams

isabel: you can go on the myspace! i think the songs on there are too long, but they were from like, practice jams so i think its probz ok. its

Razzi said...

Love the skirt - kind of grunge but not the courtney love kinderwhore type - delicious :)


the StReeT chanteuse said...

I'm into ittt

Anonymous said...

todo se ve muy rocker cool! The serious kind! sorry I can't make out what's the "shoulder situation".

love you!

la madre que te pario