Kinda Man Prada

Miuccia Prada was feeling a sorta unisex vibe for her Fall menswear show so she sent out some ladies decked out in pretty cozy knits. The boys wore shrunken, sometimes brightly colored knits over button downs that were left to look all crumply and imperfect, tucked into the perfect 90's flat front trousers. It's a great look on guys for sure, but the relaxed-dude look on girls is also A++.

The girls, meanwhile, didn't wear the same clothes as the boys, but they did share the same casual, relaxed vibe. There is a marked difference between these pieces and the ones that she shows in the womenswear shows, which I think truly showcases her amazing skills.


noura. said...

niiicely done prada

KD said...

A++ indeed!

christina said...

prada rocks, love prada forever