Spring 2010 Couture: Valentino

I absolutely adore what Pier Paolo Piccioli and Maria Grazia Chiuri are doing at Valentino. Their spring couture collection had echoes of the vision they presented for spring ready-to-wear, but with an added sense of humor, whimsy and edge.

A nude satin ribbon bandage dress is the ultimate in seduction, especially with a sheer long sleeve that further blurs the line between what is skin and what is fabric. The explosion of neon yellow is the perfect contrast, and the extra pieces that hang at the back give the impression that the dress can just be undone in a second.

Ps. I'm TOTALLY digging the sheer ribbon tied around the eyes. Superhero meets bondage meets hippie headband. A++

They have been working with really diaphanous, almost magical textures. The clothes are so light that they don't even look like she's wearing them, more like, beams of light an energy that surround the skin in some kind of futuristic-clothing-evolution development. I still really want a pair of sheer trousers.

PPP and MGC were also making the nature scene, with this flapper-esque top that is obviously the most ultra-luxurious owl costume ever (and I mean that in a good way!). Speaking of sheer trousers, I would love these jeweled-flower-embroidered pair even more.

Body makeup is FANTASTIC.

Siri is a magical disco fairy.

This is the perfect ruffled dress. Chloe Sevigny should probably wear it to the Oscars or something, to continue her ruffle-reign. The color variations are impeccable.


Razzi said...

I love the colour palette, but im not a fan of the last ruffle dress - Ive seen a pair of knickers in primark of a similar fashion :/


The Mussy Head Guild said...

this was one of my favourite couture shows this season, very different for valentino but soo good!

jasmine said...

I loved this sooo much! So funky, cool, gorgeous. I disagree with the people saying they tried too hard with this collection.

Anonymous said...

Wow...Thank God they make you write a comment or else I'd look like a dick right now. >.<

I love that first dress - the colours look so good together. It's so dreamy.

meg // morningmidnight said...

i thoght a lot of this was great too, but dare i say i thought bits of it seemed a little bit too, uh, Rodarte? the wrapping + wrinkled crepe on that first dress? the legwear? the details and the really open weave/fuzzy/glittery details on the knits etc? universal trends etc etc, i know, i know, but a few of these looks were just WOAH obvious.

the StReeT chanteuse said...

I really love how everything is so light and airy.... makes me want to be whisked away to places where clothing like this is the uniform.

ashford said...

wasn't loving it till it got to the owl costume with yellow tulle bow shoes what?!
so I loved that part.