Sunday Jam: Looking out for love

Fleetwood Mac : Big Love

CFCF : Big Love

The CFCF record has been getting a lot of play at the store recently, and it reminded me of the song Big Love which I absolutely LOVED when I was little and I had completely forgotten about. The truth is, I didn't even know who did the original, so imagine my surprise to see that it was Fleetwood Mac?!?! I think I like Fleetwood Mac more than I realize I like Fleetwood Mac. I remember their music as always making me feel weird inside when I was little, and that still carries over. They are a witchy band with supernatural powers for sure. In any case, I am giving you the original version (because you canNOT beat Lindsey Buckingham's high notes and FEELING in his voice) and the totally rad version by CFCF.



The Style Rider said...

I love the CFCF version A lot.


jasmine said...

I'm a Fleetwood Mac person but the CFCF is amazinggg.

kate said...

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thanks !

manly said...

yeah, CFCF version is better