Sunday Jam: Oh yes, I'm really doing this

Joan Osborne : One of Us

For some reason the boy and I just started singing this song. I think it's because we watched one of the Austin Powers movies last night and Dr. Evil sings it. This song is bizarre. ALSO Joan is so angsty with her nose ring!

Ps. My favorite line is "nobody calling on the phone, 'xcept for the Pope, maybe, in Rome".
I mean, WOAH.


jasmine said...

You are special :)

dani d. said...

this song is so profound. i could never get over it's depth.

hahaha jokes. nice choice.


Should Be On the Nanny said...

haha. I was just thinking about her. I couldn't get "My Right Hand Man" out of my head. Comeback!

Razzi said...

She reminds me of the bride of wildenstein... only prettier. You not think!?


meg // morningmidnight said...

haha FUCK i totally forgot about this song/video. also totally forgot about "scrunched" curly blonde hair with bad roots and ENORMOUS NOSERINGS, hot damn

Anonymous said...

funny, that was one of my favorite songs when it came out... I had totally forgotten it!!
I particularly liked when she sings about God's name and if we'd call it to his face...

That image is fucking crazy... it blew my mind when I heard it.

la madre que te pario