Epic shoe dreams can come true!



Told my friends, "oh hey I'm going to the Barneys Warehouse sale to get those Proenza Schouler boots".
"Hey, it could happen!", I told myself.
I went on Tuesday and I was way more calm than usual. It was rainy and gross so I knew It wouldn't be packed. I walked to the area for shoe size 8 and began looking. At first glance the shoe selection seemed more tame this year. There weren't very many IT shoes like seasons past. Still, I immediately found some cute blue Balenciaga pumps and these YSL lace up booties with a weird triangle that juts out the sole. I had been in love with the YSL's all season, so I was already feeling good. Then I found the Proenza pump and then, I found the boot. I looked at the size, 37.
Hmm, it's probably not going to work, but I will try it.
I looked around the rest of the shoe area. The boots were not found in any other sizes.
So I tried them on.
And they fit.
And then I put all the other shoes back because my search was over.

I still can't even believe they are mine. They are perfect.
(ps. the pumps were too high to walk on and I was certain I was going to fall flat on my face just by trying them on)


Can it please be spring already? I'm tired of layering and I want to wear cute outfits with my new boots.

And now all power shoe vibes are directed towards THE Meow Miu Maryjanes.


Maddie said...

GIRLLL you be rockin' those boots like no other.
and that outfit is perfect laid-back perfection with the power shoe.
and KIND OF amazing new kitteh banner.
love your blog!

Amanda said...

scooooooooooooooooooooooooore. so good man!! i might try to go in the final days/hours just to see what sort of rejects (which are usually the things i'm into) are left.

Isabel said...

Yeowch, mama! You look hot! Oh yeah, the boots are kinda cool too.

readysetfashion said...

you lucky girl. you lucky lucky girl.
i tried these on in jeffery, in barneys, both in ny and chi-town, and i walked away each time. why, o why did i walk away???
these shoes are epic and you are epic.

awesome andrea said...

STELLAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they look amazing on you babycakes!

CRHEE said...

I am simultaneously so jealous but so happy for you that you finally got them! Are you doing the Secret because your power shoe vibes are OUT OF CONTROL.

shockboogie said...

You lucky girl!!!!

April said...

bleeehhhh i'm so jealous!!!! that's so lucky! And I totally agree about spring NEEDING to get here NOW.

Razzi said...

Those shoes are such a good find! Bet they cost you a pretty penny!!


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nina said...

omygoodness. may i ask how much you got these for on sale? i am drooling with envy.