Herr Strubegger

Iris Strubegger does her best Karl Lagerfeld for the March issue of Bazaar, shot by the big K himself.

Let's get her and Cate Blanchett and Tilda Swinton in one AMAZING, EPIC editorial, eh?

Via Ready, Set, Fashion.


KD said...

Yes yes yes!

readysetfashion said...

you are the first person i thought of when coming across this iris/karl collabo in the pages of bazaar. your idea tho for the three beauties together would be insane....what magazines could handle it??

thanks for the shout out. as always you are fabulous.

Noa A.H. Leijdesdorff said...

This is absolutely brilliant. Why do I not own this Bazaar already??!

XX Noa

fashion nugget said...

a fucking win.


Landice Anderson said...

That would basically be the best editorial ever. The world would spontaneously combust, water would turn to wine, etc etc etc.
As far as the new Harper's is concerned, I tore out the Rei photo from that editorial because it made me happy.