Just Right.

Everything about this is perfect.
The tousled hair, the dark rimmed glasses, the scrunched up jacket sleeves that still show the sleeve of the shirt under, the belt around the waist cinching it all together, the arm loaded with accessories, the slouchy jeans straight leg jeans with just the right amount of distressing, the cuffs, the black patent leather loafers.

In love.

Photo via Vanessa Jackman.


Tavi said...

I can't tell if this is a boy or girl! Androgyny rules.

Anonymous said...

It's a girl. I love her!! Her name is like Alessandra or something (says the stalker)
saw her on the sartorialist.
and hell yeah androgyny rules.


Landice Anderson said...

Androgyny is amazing. I love everything about this outfit.

Sarah said...

it's dressers like these that i aspire to be like. just plain cool.