London Fall 2010: Christopher Kane

Christopher Kane is really doing some crazy stuff with his label. It's not always instantly likable but he always manages to come up with something new. This collection was dark with a kitschy side, in the form of embroidered flowers that seem more suited for couches, or maybe paintings at your favorite cheapo hotel.
These were my two favorite pieces: the lace shirt with contrasting leather floral collar is obviously made for me, we don't really need to debate that. The floral detail looks quite amazing on a navy sweatshirt/cape. I would like to DIY this? It seems easy and AWESOME (stay tuned?).

It's a mish-mash of tough/sexy and hilarious pastoral vibes. Kane always makes it work though, and towards the end, when the florals faded a bit and instead I found myself staring at beautiful embroideries that seemed to be taken from a cathedral that took my breath away.

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