London Fall 2010 III

1. Roksanda Ilincic:
"I accidentally poured some oil on a model's body and like magic, it turned into a dress."

2. Jonathan Saunders:
I love simple shift dresses, and this one in the perfect shade of powder blue with square cut-outs is just what the doctor ordered, especially with those AMAZING pink patent booties.

Totes hippie-kinda-Missoni vibe but I love it. New longer length strapless dress worn over long sleeve tee is TOTES my jam!

I love the faded geometric print of the skirts and the crazy colorblocked shirt. There's something supremely awkward and awesome about showing a bit of shin between a long skirt and some short black socks.

3. Antonio Berardi:
A beautiful long lace dress. Not practical, of course, but sowhatwhocares?

4. Peter Pilotto:
The skirt is from the future and the mix of materials is FANTASTIC!

5. Burberry:
The saturated colors at Burberry were my favorite thing. I would love the yellow skirt and the whole amazing bordeaux enseble.


§§§§§§§§§§§§§§§ said...


Sequin Gown said...

Burberry's sheepskin boots were my favourite thing until now!:D

a melburnian said...

That Jonathan Saunders dress seems to be inspired by another Melbourne label everyone has been wearing for about a year: TV's ss09/10 collection had veeery similarsquare perforations all over the place:
Also when was this Dries van Noten jumper from? http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_UdDn04GmMJM/Szt59QHv03I/AAAAAAAAAbY/IsLDE5a87y0/s640/knitted-sweater.jpg
Because this is from TV's aw 09 collection: http://heymadge.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/03/tv_aw09.jpg
Zeitgeist, or direct inspiration?

laia. said...

dear a melburnian:
Square perforations have been done before and they will probably be done again. I looked through all the looks in the collection and did not see anything similar to the jonathan saunders version.

as for the dries van noten sweater, it is also from fall 09. it's cool if you want to expose a new label and all, but its not cute if you do it by claiming that other designers have been ripping it off. ESPECIALLY when it's people like the insanely talented Dries.

a melburnian said...

Ergh, sorry if that came out wrong, by 'inspired by' I actually should have said 'reminds me of, possibly because I am currently wearing one of the TV cut-out tshirts'. I forgot to, like, think before I commented. And on closer inspection they're actually tiny circles!
And I realise the Dries similarity had nothing at all to do with your post, it just popped in my head as I was looking for links. I ADORE Dries and don't want to be pointing fingers, but - at least for the styling in those two pictures: camel-coloured bell-sleeved jumper(/sweater) + leopard print leggings... Hmmm...
Anyway didn't mean to come across so negative, just thinking out loud, love yr blog etc etc

laia. said...

Well my apologies for taking your comments the wrong way. It's not the first time someone leaves a comment about "ripping off" etc. BUT since were all peachy keen now thank you for stopping by and reading and yr kind words.