Milan Fall 2010: Jil Sander

No surprises at Jil Sander.
Raf Simons designed a classically-Jil collection. No fuss, no ornaments, just clean lines and easy clothes. His thought process involved "women who pick a target and then follow through", and so the collection ended up being inspired by Lara Croft and Anna Wintour. Kind of amazing all ready.
The show started slow and simple, a few clean single-breasted jackets worn with sheer mini-mini skirts.

Then slowly other shapes started to emerge. The drape in this dress is wonderful, it seems as if they just dropped the fabric on the form and it just happened to fall that way. There is such ease of flow and such great movement. It naturally draws attention to the boobs, and I'm guessing that's where the Lara Croft thing comes in.

The tweeds that followed where phenomenal and had a slight future/techno vibe going on in the way all the lines were lined up in all the parts, especially because it's such a big plaid. The short-sleeve jumpsuit that Freja is wearing is pretty much perfect, but if that's too much, there's also a suit.

Simple printed shift dresses, in tweed for the office, and in a supertight short black and white print for after hours.

This is kind of awkward and fashion-school-y.
I mean, it just works! (and for those very same reasons).

A rich shade of aubergine, not unlike the one Ms. Wintour favors, paired with a pleated sleeveless dress, not unlike the one Ms. Wintour favors. AHA!
(As soon as I see a picture of her wearing it, I will POST IT!)

And always, always, paired with the perfect flat leather boots.


KD said...

I ADORED the boots.

Landice Anderson said...

I AM SO READY FOR ANNA TO WEAR THIS COLLECTION. I love Jil Sander because of the simplicity, and I think Anna will look gorgeous in these clothes. Because she will SO. WEAR. THEM.

lukewarm royalty @ blogspot

FND said...

if you watched the show on Youtube and heard the music, all the clothes actually screams Badass SECRET AGENT!