Milan Fall 2010: Prada

The Prada show suffered from a case of unmet high expectations. Before the show started (and was livestreamed on the company's website), the whole internet was buzzing with mystery news about some kind of EPIC casting situation that would have Miuccia address the industry's current "size" issue. Well apparently that meant casting models who sometimes appear on the Victoria's Secret catalog. Yeah, I know, I didn't care either.

To further complicate things, the show started 40 minutes late and the online stream was a piece of shit at best. It kept freezing, the sound never really came on and it was all just crazy.

But what about the clothes? They were simple, classic 90's silhouettes with some added flourishes on the bust that have everyone freaking out about Miuccia designing or "real women" or some such malarky.

The pieces I liked best from the show all had a Celine-like quality to them, and it was surprising to see that not even Miuccia herself could escape the influence. The a line- below the knee skirts were really nice, and the knits were also quite nice. But the best part of the show were really the accessories, beautiful fur stand-alone collars, super nubby socks and the most epic exaggerated cat-eye glasses with built-in eyebrows.


Amanda said...

yeah i mostly just cared for the accessories and some details here and there...overall nothing too AMAZE

Alani Catleya said...

Agreed on the not-met-standars. But I do love the braid-ey tights.

Ariela said...

I like the glasses :)
But yeah totally agree nothing amazing


April said...

i am a fan of the light blue cable sweater with the black bow belt.

jen said...

I really, really love the knee highs with heels. however, I am not sure I could carry that look off. It's a fine line between fashion and crazy bag-lady look and I think I'd fall on the crazy bag-lady side.

I was actually a fan of most of the collection - especially the sweaters and the print skirt suits.