WTF: Altuzarra Fall 2010

I usually don't read the Style.com reviews before looking at a collection so that my opinion about it won't be swayed from the get-go. Sometimes after looking at the pictures I'll go back and read the review to see if they mentioned a particular fabric of a look I may have liked or the designer's inspiration. Looking through Altuzarra's collection, I got a really strong Tom Ford vibe, especially with some of the long dresses at the end. I went back to read the review and was surprised to not find Tom Ford mentioned there at all! Is it because it's totally obvious that it doesn't need to be mentioned? Who knows!

(No wonder Carine loves it all, she used to style Tom Ford's collections!)

Gucci Fall 01, Gucci Fall 02, Gucci Fall 03
Gucci Fall 03, Gucci Fall 04, YSL Spring 02,
YSL Fall 02

(Oh and Altuzarra's red velvet suit on the third row is totes homage to Gucci's red velvet suit from 96' that Gwyneth wore to the MTV Video Music Awards)


sarah said...

love all of it!

IsabellePilon said...

Nobody worked velvet like Tom Ford did. Gucci just isnt the same w/out him

mademoiselle isabelle

cashmere jumpers said...

Love the collections here!!