NYC Fall 2010 II

1. Araks:
Araks showed a short collection that focused on a layered minimalist aesthetic. The effects of Phoebe Philo's spring debut collection for Celine will reverberate throughout the shows this season and this was the first, though definitely not the last, example of that. It was tougher than Philo's girl though, with a lot more blacks and awkward layering, like bra tops over suits. I quite like the effect it creates here with the nude sleeveless blouse and matching bra which are in stark contrast to the black and white colorblocked skirt. My favorite part about this collection was surely the use of black sheer hose and flat lace-up booties that anchored the looks and gave them a dose of reality and swagger.

2. Behnaz Sarafpour:
I know everytime I review Behnaz I ask "whatever happened to Behnaz?" because for a while she was in every magazine and now it's all become so low-key. I still really like her aesthetic, it's very classic but always there's a touch of whimsy and fun. This look reminds me of a cool girl in the 70s, but weirdly enough it's more like Madeline (yes, THAT Madeline) after she grew up and moved to the coast of France or something. She would wear this look. There's so much secret luxury going on, especially with the FABULOUS coat, and all the beautiful peach tones at the top that kind of blend in with the model's hair and skin. The flared pants are amazing ok? Ok.

3. Alexander Wang:
I don't know what happened at Wang this season guys. I'm a little heartbroken after he blew me away with his epic spring show. But it's ok, there's always another one and it wouldn't be the first time that I didn't like one of his runway shows, but fell in love with the individual pieces when I saw them at the store later on. I'm chucking this beautiful khaki cape to the Celine effect too. It's quite arresting, and I love the slim, but not skinny trousers worn with boots that can only be described as "the sunburst shade that guitars come in".

Now, I KNOW I'm not supposed to like these burgundy velvet leggings. I know that. AND YET I am inexplicably drawn to them. They are something that Liv Tyler would've worn while prancing around in Aerosmith videos. I love them. Would I actually wear them? Don't know yet. But that's ok, fall is not for a couple months.

4. Victoria Beckham:
Hey Vicky B, I see you created the perfect sweatshirt for formal events. This is really kind of amazing? Love the ever-so-slight-mock neck, the extra long sleeves and subtle balloon/drape at the hem. If I was a rich lady with many fancy events to attend, I'd buy this in every color (please make me one in heather gray?).

5. Marc by Marc Jacobs:
Marc by Marc Jacobs is obviously aimed at a young audience, but I think this season there's plenty of stuff for the adult set as well (you thought I was gonna say "young at heart" right? well you were wrong!). This coat is all kinds of epic, and when worn with black socks and black lace up shoes conveys a total Comme des Garcons vibe.

I still love lace. I still want lace, especially white lace. Can we please make this happen? I have the perfect sheer polka dot tights, black knee highs and chunky platforms to wear this with.

(I see you with your tongue sticking out Mathilde! too cute)


KD said...

I didn't like this Wang collection so much either, but I am SO READY to wear the burgundy velvet leggings.

Kristin said...

I've been loving Celine nudes with black and white clean lines. Love underwear as outerwear, too. but the image you have here, AWK?? Bad draping maybe.