NYC Fall 2010 III

1. Costello Tagliapietra:
Costello Tagliapietra makes wonderful dresses every season. This is a given.
For fall, the important thing is to perfectly match your lipstick and your dress.

2. Adam:
I'm totally loving the super wide and airy silhouette that is happening for fall. A long white silk tent dress may sound unappealing to most, but I think pairing it with a little vest and decidedly un-girly black boots really makes the whole thing work.

3. United Bamboo:
United Bamboo always comes up with really cool prints.
Long sleeves and long hemlines are what's happening and I welcome it of course.

4. Jeremy Laing:
I'm always a big fan of shows that do more-or-less real-life styling. The layering here is unreal, super chunky sweater, brown something and then what appears to be a flower-print blouse underneath is all worn over rouched leggings. Sometimes things just work, you know? The subtle color combination really makes it.

5. Lutz & Patmos:
Basic, classic and clean from Lutz & Patmos.
But WHY did they pair it with shiny brown shoes? It makes no sense at all and is totally ruining my calming experience at the top.


KD said...

"calming experience at the top" - so true.

kimricosays said...

i love love the costello design.