NYC Fall 2010: Marc Jacobs

For fall, Marc Jacobs abandoned all the frills and spectacle from spring, and showed an achingly beautiful minimalist collection that brought to mind the 90's in a dreamy, hazy shade of winter. This long shift dress in a shimmering shade of ice blue is a little bit retro and a little bit from the future. The little taupe flats worn with matching socks and white opera-length gloves are such unexpected touches of whimsy.

The just-below-the-knee length is going to be the new thing, and I'm so psyched because they are totally my jam. The mix of prints in this look is perfectly mismatched. I don't know how Marc manages to inject such a level of secret sophistication and self assurance to his clothes, even when they're so unassuming.

Witchy woman look! Love the sleeve-shape on the shirt and the sheer-striped skirt that I will DEFINITELY try to get in my closet. The look is always slightly-less-than-perfect but in the end manages to BE perfect.
ps. I don't know if I'm ready for pointy shoes to come back just yet?

The sequined pieces were definitely one of the best things about the collection, especially when put against the dark gray jersey(?). Opera length gloves keep moving higher up (no pun intended?) on my list of fall must-haves.

I swear this whole show was like one big love letter. My heart kind of melted a little bit when I saw this dress which reminded me of a dress that was in a Seventeen magazine Prom editorial when I was little. (That sounds horrible but it is actually totally awesome, as Seventeen magazine used to be a totally rad mag with cool fashion, but you know, by that I also mean that it just seems like the kind of thing I wished I could wear when I "grew up" and now I can?!?). I will even suppress my dislike of ruffles to don this dress.

Long hair, a fur and iridescent floor length velvet.

But THIS one, this one was made for me.
I can't get over the beautiful shade of mustard-yellow/green of the sweater and the beautiful degrade effect on the skirt.

Formal clear raincoat with fur collar worn over a long velvet dress.
This is crazyladytalk, you know what I mean? BUT ITS SO GOOD.

It's weird to put into words how much I loved this collection because I think mostly it was all just a visceral reaction. A new girl would walk down the runway and something in my brain would just ache for a weird part of the past/my childhood that may or may have not existed.


hazel said...

I was waiting for your review! I guess I was kind of harsh on his work, I mean there WERE pieces I enjoyed (a.k.a that black sheer striped skirt) and I do dig the below the knee thing that he's bringing this season, but overall I just wasn't feeling it. I thought most of the silhouettes were just kind of heavy and boxy. I like minimalism, but have always leaned more towards Raf Simons' minimalism.

Marc has always been one that presents these kind of collections practically exploding with textures, colors, silhouettes and I just felt a bit underwhelmed.

laia. said...

hazel: i can totally see that and YET i still love it.

fashion westie said...

I think there are a few designers collections where peeps are left feeling "underwhelmed" or scratching their heads in confusion...Maybe it's been a styling issue, cos when you're looking at individual pieces, you get excited..well I do anyway..

Me and Marc are def back in a relationship cos I'm really liking the velvet, the sheer, the lengths.

The Mussy Head Guild said...

It is a big change from last seasons and seasons before where Marc's shows have had lots of embellishment in the clothes and their styling but he pulls it off so well! The show was magical! I am not underwheled.

Golubka said...

I know what you mean by visceral reaction - it just feels right. This collection seemed so much more natural and uncomplicated than some of his other recent ones. Also love the mustard look the most.

Alani Catleya said...

Ah, I am never realy sure how I feel about Marc Jacobs... however, this season I did like alot of his stuff. Like that one blue dress, I would definately forgive ruffles to wear it!

Shameless self promotion:


Noa A.H. Leijdesdorff said...

I'm not a huge fan of this collection at all.
It's sort of the same vibe Ashish was channeling this morning at LFW only that was so much better!!!
I don't know why but somehow I'm not so much on team Marc Jacobs! I'm just not really feeling the work in this collection. Just a compilation of all this stuff we've seen before

XX Noa

nicolette said...

the rain coat.... THE RAIN COAT!!!!!