NYC Fall 2010: Michael Kors

Looking through this season's collections I realized that I actually really love Michael Kors. I'm definitely not the target market for his polished, classic American classics, yet I always find things to love in his collections. There is something about the attitude his clothes carry that is just very appealing.

Everything about this is just right. The creamy colors and the perfectly fitting-but relaxed fit of the clothes. Khaki, gray and brown are surprisingly good together.

I do not own a camel coat, but I do believe that every lady probably needs one in her closet. The slits at the elbows give this classic silhouette a bit of attitude and secret joie-de-vivre.

The best way to wear these looks would be to mix them up. Delicious soft gray turtleneck with long sequined skirt and fishtail tank top with long knit skirt. Right? SICK.

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Britte said...

I really dislike Michael Kors adds, but I really like the few pieces I own of his.
But I think the grey outfit worn together like that is SO good. All I can think about now is a long knit skirt....