NYC Fall 2010: Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler killed it again this season channeling a total alterna-girl from the 90's. The dress with a sweet heart top and layered ruffle skirt is pure prom classic, but when it's done in leather it takes on a whole different vibe. I don't wear strapless dresses often because I don't have the boobs to hold them up, but when I do, I usually layer them over shirts and tanks so they stay up better (and if they slouch down then there aren't any scandalous results), so I'm TOTES digging the dress worn with a little sleeveless white button down shirt.

The pleated dress is almost like a school jumper and when it's paired with a sheer button down shirt with a leather collar, placket and cuffs it becomes TOO TOUGH FOR WORDS.

90's movie this would fit in: The Craft

Another total schoolgirl look. The combination of colors and textures here is outstanding. At first I thought this was a two-tone convertible jacket but upon closer inspection, I realized it was two separate pieces; an epic short navy jacket with contrasting black and white collar and leather insets at shoulders, and a short wool skirt cut to resemble the bottom part of a jacket, which follows the vibe of their shirt-tied-around-the-waist-skirt from spring. The fur trim just adds another level of depth and sort of softens up the entire look. Black and navy are so good together and it's a shame that people think that wearing them is a faux-pas!

Long blue fur jacket.
Please and thank you.

Babydoll dresses, sheer thigh highs and massive heels are the new and improved bougie-kinderwhore look. LOVELOVELOVE.


Angela said...

wow! the babydolls are really pretty and love the sheer thigh highs and those killer shoes!

this is cyclogenesis said...

That second look is SO spot-on. Ugh, I love it.