Sunday Jam: Everyday is a winding road

Sheryl Crow : Everyday is a Winding Road

I know, I know, you're all "Sheryl Crow! ew! what?!", BUT bear with me, I have good reason to post this.

#1 She is so on trend in this video it hurts. She is wearing a lil' knit cardigan-as-a-shirt with a lil' graphic print below the knee a-line skirt. That is so PRADA now that it's kinda ridiculous (ALTHOUGH I'm pretty sure I remember it being Prada back then, so it's not actually ridiculous, it just goes to show how much of her traditional 90's silhouette Miuccia left in her fall offerings). And what's on her feet? The perfect pair of chunky mary-janes, these can currently be found in Miuccia's other secret 90's fest, the Miu Miu spring collection.

So obviously Sheryl Crow needs to be in the new ad campaign. HA!

#2 I actually like this song. Yeah, deal with it. This song was released in 97, and that is my favorite year, and this was a big song that year so it all makes sense in my head. But I still like that whole Sheryl Crow album. "If It Makes You Happy" is also an awesome song and I also secretly like "My Favorite Mistake", but that's another story. HAHA.


Lenne said...

I (secretly) like Sheryl Crow too, what's wrong with that ):

laia. said...

noo nothing!
that is just a response to what my friends would say haha

Kristen Masters said...

I love Sheryl Crow! Especially if it makes you happy and my favourite mistake! ha

Emilie said...

Ha I like all of those songs and my mom plays Sheryl Crow all the time. I didn't realize this was some sort of guilty pleasure?

laia. said...

Hahaha scandalous!

ashford said...

you right, you right

Hard Liquor, Soft Holes said...

DUH, i TOTALLY love certain sheryl crow songs, this being one of them.

also love: shania twain's 'still the one.'

Freight Factoring said...

Sheryl Crow for the win!

"Are you strong enough to be my man" --- OH yeah. One of the girliest best songs ever.