Worlds Colliding

Tina Fey in motherfuckinggg VOGUE!

(Ok, so "Learning to dress like a star" is totally *eyeroll*-worthy BUT beggars can't be choosers?)

I mostly don't mind the crappy headline and her weirdly disappearing back on the cover because of this beautiful photo of her in DOLCE & GABBANA.

<3 you forever Anna!


Razzi said...

I dunno...I guess all I have to say on this is who is Tina Fey, and she has cute Micky ears ;)

Paddy☮ xx

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Vanessa said...

ah! Tina fey! Yay!

yes, the "learning to dress like a star" - they should have let her come up with her own header, it would have been fantastic.

That shot is beautiful. I can't wait to get this issue!

katthroatworld said...

loveeeee tina! great photo! but did you hear about the photoshop controversy? (her infamous scar isn't visible on the cover.)

Hanna said...

T I N A F E Y !
yes. this is amazing.
i must find this vogue now.

Kait said...

amazing! must get my hands on vogue immediately!