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I've been watching Daria episodes on Youtube and to my delight, the show still holds up. I can't wait for them to release it on DVD! I need to watch it 4 times a day like Seinfeld. A few things about this screencap I took:
1. Jane's amazing safari jacket and trousers ensemble. Very HEPBURN chic!
2. Daria's tie-dye short sleeve button down, is hilarious and appropriate.
3. Brittany's HEAVY gaga vibes in that cheerleader getup with funeral veil and glasses. Teenage drama is the best kind of drama.

And of course, the modern-day recreation with looks from spring just because I feel like it:

Brittany in Alexander Wang, Daria in Proenza Schouler and Jane in Celine


Taj said...

lol!I can feel the Gaga vibes!

April said...


Pennerad said...

aaaah! daria!
i love you for posting this, lol.

Anonymous said...


This is one of the most clever things you've posted!! I adore the modern day take on the characters style. VERY, VERY CLEVER,,,,

la madre que te pario

Victoria U said...

oh i love the the fashion references to Daria ! maybe some Seinfeld/Larry David fashion references!!? if that's even possible.