Fun in Meow-ty-ten!

Spring twenty-ten is about kOOl things, man.
My buddy sent me a link to the insane Alexander Wang socks.
I kinda freaked out and then before I knew it they were on my feet.

The weather's been supernice lately, which has me totally psyched for spring dressing. I've been digging maxi-lengths lately, but I also want to wear awesome socks with my shoes, which means shorter skirts (who says you can't have it all?). In spirit of the 90's and the return of babydoll dressing, I've put this white dress back into rotation in my life. It's a little short and I usually wear it with jean shorts under or something, but here I was keepin' it KLASSY with a black skirt under.
Ok. Yes. I'm wearing the Meow Miu collar but LISTEN, I was HELPLESS! I went into the store looking for this huge cat pin I had seen on the catalog. My friend got a collar with naked ladies (also awesome, btw) so I knew the collars were going around but I had no idea there would be one with cats. As soon as I walk in the store, my Miu Miu pal Valdez is all "Look at this" and then he showed me the collar and I died right on the spot. I've been wearing it non stop.

Kahlo also loves the collar. Isn't she just so damn beautiful? She doesn't really get to wear it though! I am not a crazy owner that bought her cat Meow Miu (although if they HAD made Meow Miu for cats I would've probably freaked out).

Are you guys so psyched for spring?


John V. said...

Ha! You're reading a book I'm getting my girlfriend for her birthday, and your cat looks exactly like my cat. Cosmic!

laia. said...

hell yeah Girl Power!

Amanda said...

omg! didn't even realize they made just the collars. maybe i can actually afford that ha! naked ladies for me..thx for the inspirationzz

oh dope socks, duh

style-magnet said...


this is cyclogenesis said...

That picture of your cat in the collar is ridiculously fabulousamazing. <3!

Noa A.H. Leijdesdorff said...

you look to gorgeous!
Where did you get the fabulous Miu Miu collar? I love it!

XX Noa

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Tavi said...

This is AMAZING! I am dead. The babydoll with the collar that TOTALLY MATCHES THE NECKLACES YOU WEAR ALL THE TIME and then the Miu Miu WEDGES and then the SOCKS, ahhhhhhhhhhhh

Tiffany and Christina said...

Absolutely dying of jealousy right now. The socks, the collar, I want them all!!!

Anonymous said...

Get me a cat collar. It's an order from your mother. Remember: thou shallt obey your mother.

La madre q t pario

CRHEE said...

oh my god. Best photo ever!!!

besos y fotos: the virtual sketchbook said...


you are a dollin babydoll+you're cat is adorable, the one on your neck and the one in your arms..

p.s. your hair looks so great longer!

noirohio vintage said...

aww your cat is so cute!! I am partial to black cats though. FULLY backing CATSPRING 2010!!!

Janelle Burger said...

no fair! even a cat has miu miu.

Anonymous said...

I like your collared cat star! I have published it in my Fashion Collars blog. http://fashioncollars.wordpress.com/2011/05/19/once-again-miu-miu-collar/
And I will include it in my dissertation as I am writing about collars.