Milan Fall 2010 I

1. Fendi:
This is THE new look, ladies and gentlemen, and you know I've been preaching it for a bit. Longer lengths, casual cool, EXPOSED SHINS. Except with a slight Stevie Nicks-gone-to-college twist.

2. Gianfranco Ferre:
The styling at this show was kind of craptacular? Why would you ruin this amazing coat with such a grody belt?

A similar coat is later ruined when paired with wide cuffed pants, when the brown leather gloves and belt are clearly good enough on their own.

3. Bottega Veneta:
Unexpected tough chick at Bottega Veneta. A swingy, flirty little black dress becomes more interesting when the shoulders are structured and contoured.


4. Etro:
Total rock n' roll boy vibe. The satin flower print super skinny trousers with banded ankles are incredible. I loved the mix and match layering situations. A little grungy, with the tiger prints and chunky knits and a little dandy with perfectly tailored everything.


Carly. said...

in agreement with you about the longer lengths in skirts. And I'm so excited because they've been everywhere throughout all the fashion weeks! excellent.

samantha said...

DAMN fendi was good


Taj said...

Fendi was so good!!! and when has Etro ever not killed it!!