Milan Fall 2010: Marni

Consuelo Castaglioni has gone bananas! This collection was a bit all over the place (in a good way), and slightly more awkward and weird than usual. I loved all of it. The dusty pinks figured prominently and they were one of my favorite things. This drapey dress with the sideways black teardrop details is kinda vintage-looking but there's something a bit smarter about its silhouette. Sheer black knee high socks and studded blue boots add a dose of attitude to an otherwise ladylike look. (Check out those gloves!)

This turquoise skirt is SO BEST. The sweater is kind of classic but very odd. The best thing is the crazy colorblocked sheer/ribbed knee-high socks.

If Chandler Bing was a cool girl circa now, she would wear this outfit.
This makes sense in my head.


Pink and brown are really good together. Who doesn't want a pink vest with long pink feathers attached to its hem? I feel like Anna Dello Russo probably placed an order for it already. I kinda hated the long shorts in the show, but in here they are SO bad that they look awesome. And again, the upper-shin makes another appearance as the new erogenous zone.

Printed "t-shirts" are super cool, these colors just make me so, so happy. The mint dress with sheer dress overlay seems kind of out of place amidst all these crazy looks, but then again there's also a little bit off about it.

More printed "t-shirts", more dusty pink dresses. The whole thing is actually pretty feminine, but I think Consuelo is just incapable of doing something 100% saccharine sweet. What are those silver sequin things running down the front of the second look? Who knows and who cares, they look awesome.

There's something about a deep decolletage in a kind of deconstructed look that can really change the regular notion of deep cut = sexy. I wonder why that is? The short sleeve long jacket is genius. Knee-highs with pants are the most old-lady thing that I can think of, but I don't mind it here.

With matching bag, obviously.


misshoax said...

marni gets so little love. i'm SO happy that someone else appreciates it as much as i do.

i love the crazy. always, consuelo kicks my ass. every time.

nicolette said...

i usually love marni but i really have to admit that this collection was a bit of a miss for me. that said, i think it was styled well and i do love the accessories.

Kristine said...

I loved this collection, the colours are amazing!!

ashford said...

agreed nicolette, usually marni is in my top three but this is a little bit of a miss for me. Lots of details that I LOVE, but very few of the "total looks" that I like.

Kind of 60s in silhouette, print, and doubleknit fabrics = <3

the colors are beautiful, however. especially the tangerine, peach, taupe, and navy.

firefly said...

I love the peachy/pink/beige color for this collection. The collection IS all over the place, but in a good way!

Carly. said...

I loved this collection. I don't know how much of it I could actually wear myself but... that's irrelevant. I love the knee high stockings and the feathers.

ps. love your blog! am now following :)