Milan Fall 2010: Missoni

Missoni has been pretty major the past few seasons and this season they managed to bring their multicolor knits to an entirely new level. For fall, the Missoni girl is all sass and sex appeal, I don't think I'd ever seen something so bold on their runway before. Tati looks amazing in kinda-tweedy too-big boxing shorts and a halter neck top tucked in. It's all so slouchy and so cozy.

She looks like she's wrapped herself in kind of rug or throw AND I mean this in a good way. It's the perfect pairing for the slightly glitzy dress she's wearing under the coat.

This pink ensemble is totes inappropriate but whatevs, the main point is the weirdo-trashy vibe. Next to it as a college-cool ensemble with a slightly cropped blue sweater and marled knit skirt.

Lydia Deetz gone WILD!
I bet you never thought you'd see those two things together, but how else can I explain this strange and unusual ensemble?

And then from goth party we hit up weirdo reggae land? The patchwork is sublime.

I will probably never get down with these crochet-flower-doilies-situation BUT the skirt is ten kinds of amazing. The whole thing reminds me a bit of Rodarte, you know, before all the knits got torn and stretched out and whatnot. The second dress is equal parts warrior and American quilt frontier-a-mabob.

The whole thing is just amazingly put together. Knit skirts slit up-to-there, nubby thigh high socks, metal collars, fur, long jackets, contrast-trimmed bras, blood red lips, slicked back hair.
It couldn't get any better than this.


fashion westie said...

Tis an amazing collection. Some parts did ring a little Rodarte bell and some nodded at Kenzo. Otherwise, I like.

Anonymous said...

DUDE. Midriffs !

I'm off to do some crunches, in preparation....

Erika said...

you crack me up girl. I work with elle and I love these reviews.