Milan Fall 2010: No.21

Alessandro Dell'Acqua lost the rights to his name a few seasons ago and now he's back on the runway with a new collection named No. 21, after his lucky number. It must be REALLY lucky because I don't think I ever liked one of his collections as much as I LOVED this one. It was short, just 25 look, but it more or less was a definition of a working woman's wardrobe.

The show opened with a simple and sleek, 3/4 length-sleeve nude shift dress. It's deceptively simple though, as Style.com informs me that the dress has a plunging back and a ruched zipper. Obviously paired with nude shoes so as to not break the whole nakedillusion.

After the perfect dress, it's all about great separates that you can mix and match. A boxy asymmetric beige jacket can easily become a staple in anyone's closet, and can easily ground something as alluring as a caramel-colored lace skirt. The magenta shoes wouldn't be an obvious pairing for the clothes, but that's more or less the way real-life dressing goes, and definitely the way I'd wear it. The color palette at the show was concise and spoke directly to my heart; the beiges, caramels, magentas and powder blues featured here were my favorite, but there was also a leopard print, a vaguely Balenciaga-ish floral print as well as some rich blacks and teals.

The classic sweater over buttondown with narrow trousers. I know it's nothing to write home about, but the simplicity of it all is just really.perfect.
Teal shoes, because why not?

The powder blue buttondown makes its third appearance, this time with caramel bandage skirt.

A beige suit with a long mannish jacket is the perfect partner for a sheer pink blouse.


Jen said...

It boggles my mind that someone can lose the right to use their name. Craziness.

I love the teal shoes. I want to add them to my collection of teal shoes - so far I have Docs, ballet flats, and flip flops, and I need more.

Taj said...

this is so good!! that brown sweater in the 3rd picture reminds me of the white Jil Sanders Scuba sweater.

Lizz said...

I agree with Jen about the name thing. That is so crazy. I love all the bright shoes too!

espo. said...

gorgeous color ... gorgeous.