Ah! I love Gap.
Yes, it's true that for some reason they can't ever maintain a constant level of cute, BUT when it comes to reworked basics, they always hit the nail of the head. Last time they did an all DENIM HEAD TO TOE campaign, I bought the best lil' denim vest and now I have fallen HARD for this motorcycle-denim jacket. Do I need another denim jacket? No, I have like 5 of them already, but see, 5 of them means that I have a collection which means I need this jacket for my collection.
It's also like, 70 bucks, which is AMAZE?

The rest of the jeans in this collection are also really great, especially the slouchy numbers. But this jacket, this jacket is all I need.


samantha said...

the head to toe denim look makes me feel claustrophobic. but agreed, that moto jacket is supah cute.


Ashley said...

I love the moto denim. And the fact that its just $70. Bang on.


Bluefemme said...

I want to try the head to toe denim look. I love the moto jacket too! Cute!

Anonymous said...

a denim jacket is what i really want.i have to watch like a load of sixth fromers walk by in there denim jackets while i am in my drab skl uniform.