Oh Miuccia, tell me how DO you do it?

I have been preparing a cumulative FALL shoe post, but these Miu Miu babies needed to be recognized on their own. What is going on here? BEJEWELED shoe SKIRTS! Balloon-boot-anklewarmers with flowers! Crazy rectangles that form hyper-bows and shoes that seem to be on top of other shoes? It is RIDICULOUS is what it is, and YET I want them all.


CAROLINE said...

They're like dainty little versions of spats! It's pretty brilliant. Very with the whole 50s/60s vibe.

Jenna said...

the first shoe is crazy! looks like her toes are not there at all, like she doesnt have toes. i´m not sure if that makes any sense :D

jenna/ wanted9097.blogspot.com

Miss T said...

amazing. :) it'll keep my feet warmer in heels.