Paris Fall 2010: Dries Van Noten

Dries Van Noten did what he does best every season, beautiful classic clothes infused with a careless sense of chic. He injected a dose of menswear and a casual vibe to his usual secretly luxurious clothing. There was something about the shots of military green, sweatshirt grays and deep brown leathers that called to mind some of what Alexander Wang did for this spring, or a Wangfluence as my friend John put it in a text message to me this morning. This is isn't an accusation of Dries stealing from Wang, but that he grabbed a bit of that spirit and infused it with his quiet opulence.

1. The perfect army green trenchcoat.
2. Khaki and navy are always good together. This is a total modern woman look.

3. A baggy sweatshirt over a sparkly skirt and a flash of color via brown leather gloves.
4. The jacket works over pants and over 50's-style skirts.

5. Possibly my favorite look in the show, long navy trench, shiny trousers, open mesh shirt.
6. The little gold dress is better than a little black dress.

7. The new formal dressing, fancy skirts and casual tops.
Sunglasses optional.


Yin-lai said...

Love ur reviews! I totally agree with you most of the time. XO

Isabel said...

Whoah, I totally see the Wangfluence in this. Weird?

doran_ly said...

get useful review about the collection in your blog. there are many views,so sometimes i get confused about my view. but your blog helps me.

Taj said...

huh, I do see the Wangfluence! like in the 1st pic on the 2nd line and in the one right beneath it!

Anonymous said...

I liked everything about the last look, the colors, the line contrast, the hign/low juxtaposition. It's like taking the Sharon Stone Gap t-shirt look to the next level. I would ABSOLUTELY wear it, just the way it is. Not sure if Pedro would get it, though.... oh well, is not like I'm going to get it anyway...

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