Paris Fall 2010: Balenciaga

The first half of the Balenciaga fall show was wonderful, with great bright colors and colorblocked patterns. The last half featured some typography situations that literally left me with my jaw dropped in confusion. I think on some level these past 10 years, or however long its been, I've loved Nicolas' style because I felt it was growing and feeding off itself to create something more amazing each season. Now he has maybe reached its peak, found his signature style/vibes and will continue expanding on that as opposed to seeking something different. This isn't supposed to be a bad thing, or a criticism on his creativity running out, BUT I feel like I've disliked the past few seasons a lot, and maybe it's just time that I start looking at them for what they are and not for what I want/expect them to be. Does that make sense?

That being said, I loved it.
It had a hopeful spirit and a total lighthearted vibe which I think is seldom seen at the house.

"The new look" for the future. The fur adds an "old world" touch.

A nude dress with bright geometric shapes is obviously speaking directly to my heart. The mint green just POPS!

The cinched waists created a silhouette that was slightly askew and had a kind of awkward vibe fueled by the printed skinny pants with contrasting cuffs. Futuristic nerd-vibes, y'know?

Black and white roses on a beige knit dress with possibly sheer dress. F U N!

Another total Cher Horowitz look. I would wear this everyday (with Meow Miu collar, of course).

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Rosé Magritte said...

fuuuuu the geometric shapes are SO.GOOD. also the shoes. i am going to have a hernia if i even try and discuss how awesome they are