Paris Fall 2010: Celine

The fashion world was waiting with breath that is bated for Phoebe Philo's new offerings at Celine, and she did NOT disappoint. It was darker, both figuratively and literally, and there was a slightly more late 80'/early 90's "working girl" vibe to it. It still retained the essence of minimalist dressing that is sure to be THE look for the 10's. The big round buttons and asymmetric jackets were borderline cheesy, but somehow in the end they managed to look cool. There's nothing like a conservative long sleeve, knee-length jacket-dress with a slit up to THERE.

Philo did some phenomenal coats with delicious nubby textures and super-cool details like contrast leather trim and double collars.
(These are definitely lifetime coats!
Like, you'll wear one 10 years from now and people will still stop you in the street to compliment and ask where you got your coat and you'll go "OH THIS OLD THING?!?" but the truth is you know its awesome and that's why you love it so much)

Leather continues to be a big part of the repertoire at Celine, this time with super-fitted silhouettes in liquid black.

The extra big lapels and the loops at the shoulder hold the perfect balance.
(And yes, to pin-thin trousers.)

The perfect little two-tone sack dress hints at her heyday at Chloe.
It was good then and it sure as hell is great now.

But in the end it's all about this look. The super sexy gaucho-via-Paris look of a white blouse tucked into a long, loose, leather skirt worn with great big boots.
This is it, you guys. This is the future.

<3 you forever Phoebe.


Damsels said...

i really love the textures of the coats as well. phoebe philo is always doing great things in the design world

Anonymous said...

OMIGOD. are you actually wearing a miu miu collar (from ss 2010) in your blogger profile pic???