Paris Fall 2010 I

1. Givenchy:
Many of the designers showing in Paris have included bold and beautiful reds in their collections. Riccardo Tisci's experiments with lace and lingerie details were far more successful than Alexander Wang's, perhaps because it was more romantic than ContempoCasualss BUT I think there is still a 90's vibe running through it.

This sweater is amazing. Kinda Margiela-esque, but in a way that could never really be Margiela (which is a good thing). Matching sweater & gloves are the new secret way to show opulence.

Total swagger.
(bonus points for velvet ribbons tied tightly around the neck, for maximum nostalgia, hang a cameo from it).

1. Limi Feu:
An almost funeral coat flourishes into magic.

2. Stella McCartney:
Stella always does really easy jacket-dress situations. This one is truly the perfect fitted, but not tight silhouette with a beautiful detail at the collar. I could live in this.

YES YES YES. Nude and black stripes are amazing! Especially when it looks like you're just wearing stripes! G E N I U S !
Top stripe pants = another great idea. Kinda surfer vibe, kinda mod vibe.

This is all just so great! Easy tunic and narrow trousers but it looks so chic and from the future on account of its divine simplicity. I'm not ready for super-pointy shoes to make a comeback, but I have to admit that they're really the only appropriate shoe!


3. Giambattista Valli:
Giambattista Valli is flying under the radar, but he is really creating beautiful things every season and it's one of the shows I look forward to seeing in Paris. This croissant-jacket is EPIC. I mean, I am talking about EPIC. It's very tongue-in-chic (is that a pun? it's intended). The little dress beneath with a slightly sheer bodice and short skirt hints at ballerina style in all the right places. Black tights and cream-n-champagne flats perfectly finish the look.

Sheer floral print dress worn over black underwear.
(aka, the ONLY way to wear sheer stuff. Probs leftover from my Gwen Stefani days, but HEY the 90's are back so I may as well go with it).

Anna Dello Russo probably already ordered it. And wore it.

4. Vanessa Bruno:
There is nothing particularly amazing about this, but I love the whole look and the vibe. This is just a good inspiration picture; thigh highs, shorts, oversized jackets & boots.

Over sheer hose!

5. Yves Saint Laurent:

It was a strange and beautiful collection. And it had an UNDENIABLE Monsieur Yves Saint Laurent classic-ness to it. Sharp suits with subtly sexy details and bright colors in every texture, sheer plums, shiny ocean blues and perfectly ruffled canary yellows. It felt like a celebration. Of women, of fashion, of history and of the future.

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Amanda said...

oh man i would totally rock sheer trousers..somehow!