Paris Fall 2010 IV

1. Louis Vuitton:
Marc Jacobs also reigned all the crazy in at Louis Vuitton. For fall it's about the "new look", hourglass silhouettes and plenty of c l a s s . The print on this skirt is absolutely lovely.

Since the looks stayed more or less the same throughout the show, Marc experimented with different textures and fabrics. I love the vaguely Alexander Wang-esque cream open weave sweater with the crinkly dark purple floral print skirt.

An a-line leather skirt is TEN kinds of epic, and you can definitely take the whole thing to another level if you wear it with an almost formal sparkly top.

I mean, this is so GENTLEWOMAN, you know? The shoulder and sleeves on the coat just.right. and the way it just kind of parts to give way to the dress is borderline too beautiful.

Easy, breezy, beautiful 50's Vuitton cover girl.

2. Valentino:
They're too big, they're unruly and they don't make any sense.
Give it.

And how can ruffles turn wilder? Make em bright red then add a barrage of feathers at the top. Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli just get it right every single time.

3. Wunderkind:
The nomad express goes luxury-crazy.
When in doubt, pile everything on, and when you're about to leave the house, throw something else on? I know this stands in direct opposition to my beloved Celine-mania2010 BUT I believe we can just have it all. The tassel print on the coat is super nice, as are the mary-janes with contrast strap.

This is seriously amaze!
And the metallic shoes? dead.dead.dead.


Anonymous said...

I'm enjoying your reviews more and more every day. I think you've found your style. it doesn't sound phony or girlish!!!

me quito el sombreo ante usted!

la madre que te pario

Anonymous said...

BTW, when I was young and "designed clothes" i remember being crazy in love with ruffles. I remember drawing something very similar to the first look. I caught me off-guard when I saw it, it was deja vu.

I was ahead of the pack for 30 yrs, go figure!!! hahaha!!

la madre que te pario

We Counted All The Tiles said...

i love the red skirt and the fur wow ! what a great look. and i absolute love wunderkind !